Digital Signage for banking

RETAIL BANKING... ...only to tag one scope for digital media in banking locations. About 15 years ago banks were staid and obviously highly secured counter-halls, they developped to modern and customer-friendly services-locations.

PRESENTATION is the driving force of many marketing managers in banking companies. Customers want a personal consultation, current (in best-case exclusive) informations. And in case, he has to wait, relevant Entertainment...including a latte macchiatto!

YOUR MESSAGEmust be in the right spot. The message's consistence on TV, radio, print and online has to be repeated by 100% in the branch location. Especially in a time, when a crisis-shaken sektor has to reposition itself.

Create atmosphere, from a passerby's spontaneous look into the display window, over the quick money withdrawal by a customer of a competitors bank, up to a personal discussion of a regular customer with his consultant of trust. In any of there phases, digital media of NEXGEN can bring a special "kick".


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