Customer: Gebrüder Heinemann

Business line: Heinemann Duty-Free

Store: Airport Frankfurt Terminal 2 "Non-Schengen"

Rollout date: End of August 2014

Challenge: Integration of a highly frequented Videowall within a new shop concept

special features: Highly frequented especially for passengers from out-of europe. The content playout is driven by a campaing management according to flight destinations and languages.

Customer: tegut... gute Lebensmittel

Business Line: tegut

Store: 280x in Germany

Rollout-Date: Start "Revitalising" October 2013

Challenge: technical and constructional perfect integration

Special features: The companys new focus is the „revitalise“ any store withing the next 2,5 years. One task, is to grade up the back wall of the fresh-food area with digital Signage screens perfectly integrated into the Store furniture. - Content on scales and Screens are both triggered with PRESTIGEenterprise.


Customer: Gries Deco Company

Business Line: DEPOT

Store: Kettwiger Straße, Essen City

Rollout-Date: October 2012

Challenge: Atmospherical DigitalSignage installation & customer guiding system, with a free view to the products, minimum depth

Special features: With 12cm this is europe‘s thinnest doublesided videowall
Nominated for the 2013 VISCOM Digital Signage „Best Practice Award“


Customer: Getränkeland Heidebrecht

Business Line: Getränkeland

Store: 150 in Germany

Rollout-Date: Dec. 2012 / Jan. 2013

Challenge: Rollout speed and 3G-connection

Special features: 150 stores with UMTS-connection (3G) in a region with bad Net-infrastructure.
Rollout within 3 weeks to support the airtime marketing with the brand industry.